The Dreaded Smear

So after our trip to The Women’s Clinic we signed up which meant we had to provide the most enormous list of tests ever…everything from HIV, thyroid, Hep A, B, C, D…you name it, we had to provide it.

After handing over £350 for an initial consultation we started to hit up our GPs to get all the blood tests done. We were trying to avoid paying more money for the clinic to do them but unfortunately my GP decided that they didn’t do smear tests (another test I had to have) anymore so I had to pay to have it done privately. It wasn’t much but I was still quite miffed that my central London GP did not offer this test as surely this is a vital test for all women to be having.

Anyway, on my first morning back at work after Christmas I headed off to the Women’s Clinic to have said smear test. I was ushered into a tiny room at the back of the clinic (I think it must have been a loo until recently) and subjected to a very painful procedure which was rough and teeth grindingly sore. I also bled…a lot. I’ve had smear tests before so I was a bit shocked at the brutelness of it but the nurse assured me that this was normal…okay…

So I limped back to work and tried to fill my mind with happy pictures of babies and tried to ignore the fever that was soon taking over my body.

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