Six months later

Six months later we were ready to talk baby again. Ok, so that’s a lie – we had been talking baby almost every day for the past six months but had to learn to be patient and wait till we could start treatment again.

My renal consultant did some research as he wanted to find a place that was ‘kosha’ for us to have our treatment after our disastrous¬†experience at The Women’s Clinic (they refunded all our money for treatment by the way.) So we headed to the centre for reproductive and genetic health (CRGH) in central London. It was a little frustrating having to have the same appointment that we had had 7 months ago talking about why we want to have a baby and how etc, but CRGH seemed really great so we left feeling quite positive.

We also left with a giant list of blood tests to get done and also a compulsory appointment with a counsellor. We wanted to get the bloods done as cheaply as possible so rather than do it at the clinic we went to our GP and renal clinic who were (sort of) happy to help. It took weeks to get them all together though and once we had we had the rather important job of choosing SPERM!

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