IUI #2

Our second IUI treatment went nice and smoothly with everything being over very quickly. It’s uncomfortable and not that nice but bearable. As it happened on a Sunday we were able to go home and relax for the rest of the day and not worry about telling anyone our whereabouts (we’ve kept our fertility treatment a secret to pretty much everyone.)

Since then I have felt bloated and a bit sore, but this is nothing out of the ordinary and doesn’t mean anything.

We saw our consultant this morning and he made me feel a bit better by saying due to my age (I’m 30), health, levels of fertility etc I should have more like an 80% chance of getting pregnant each time. And there I was thinking it was about 15%! He told me off (in a nice way) for always thinking about the next treatment and not just focusing on the one I’m currently undergoing. I’m a planner by nature and I think I’m trying to protect myself from the disappointment and upset of a BFN so I try and get excited and pumped for what we’ll try next. Anyway, he told me to focus on this IUI – eat plenty of diary (he actually prescribed ice cream!) and RELAX! So that is what I’ll do!

Eggsellent (sorry.)

So IUI number 2 has been scheduled in for tomorrow at midday. I’ve just injected myself with the trigger and eaten half a big bar of chocolate in nervous anticipation.

It looks like┬áthe injections have been doing their thing as my left ovary has grown some lovely big follicles – I’m not sure of the exact number but I know I have 2 at around 21mm which is at the top end of what the doctors are looking for. Considering I had one at 16mm last month with no medication it sounds like I have a better chance this time…. although I know a lot of it is sadly down to luck so I’m just praying my body takes to the sperm tomorrow and does it’s work to make an embryo.

Last month I basically did nothing a week before the IUI apart from relaxing, gentle exercise and eating well. This month I’ve been all over the shop – working long hours, no exercise and not exactly eating brilliantly. Hope it doesn’t have any effect on the baby making.

In other news 7 years ago today I had my kidney transplant – donated from a very close friend. It seems like yesterday…and a life time ago that the operation happened. Crazy!

Wish me luck for tomorrow, folks x

Scrambled Eggs

So it seems that the fertility drugs that I am currently injecting myself with have turned me in to a weeping mess. I am crying over EVERYTHING. It’s the kind of crying that happens for no particular reason like if someone is particularly nice to me or even just asks me how I am. The drugs also are giving me weird tummy and back pains but the injections themselves I don’t mind doing at all. They’re the easy bit.

Work has been particularly busy and stressful this week with lots of ups and downs and I’m working long hours. Sneaking off for scans every other day isn’t ideal but fortunately┬áthe results are looking good with my ovaries growing lots of lovely follicles. I think I have two dominant ones on my left ovary at the moment which is great and IUI will happen on Monday I reckon.

If this course of IUI doesn’t work we’re considering trying something more drastic… I don’t mean stealing a baby… but maybe looking into IVF. I read that The Women’s Clinic do an egg sharing programme where you get the IVF free if you share eggs which could be something to consider as are funds are running out fast. Anyway, as I keep reminding myself I shouldn’t be jumping the gun when we have literally only had one failed IUI which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I think when you want a baby it consumes absolutely every bit of you and it can’t come quick enough and I’m one of those people who will try any method to get what I want but I need to remember to be CALM and just slow down.

Dust yourself off and try again

So after failed attempt number 1 we have opted for a slightly different treatment this time. Statistically natural IUI has a pretty low chance of working so we are having a non natural IUI cycle this time which means I am injecting myself every other day for a few days to encourage some extra follicles to grow. Last time I had 1 follicle and this time we are hoping for 2 or 3…not more though as apparently they have to remove them if there are too many…eek.

The injections are fine and I’m feeling ok which is good. IUI 2 will probably be next weekend or roundabouts I think. But who knows… I’m trying not to get too set on dates etc as when I did that last time I got really frustrated.

I had an appointment with a nurse at CRGH the other day who seemed very nice but completely clueless about bedside manner when speaking to patients. She proceeded to have a go at me about ordering my sperm ‘too late’… I ordered it just after I got a BFN test so it’s not exactly like I could have done it any earlier… she then asked me in an accusing way why I was trying again so soon! Erm, because we’d like a baby thankyouverymuch and it’s noneofyourbusiness. She also told me that my test results run out in December so I should get them sorted out asap which made me think that she thinks there isn’t much hope in IUI as she’s already thinking I’m going to be still having treatment in December so I felt pretty tearful and crap after all that. Sadly K was stuck at work so couldn’t make the appointment but she was really upset at how I’d been treated.

Anyway, sorry. Rant over. Time to go home and inject myself…

The Results are in…


I’ve learnt from my obsessive googling on IUI and all things fertility that this means a big fat negative.

I can’t say I was surprised. I felt like I was going to get my AF for the past couple of days and K and I did a sneaky test 2 nights ago as we have guests this weekend so we wanted to get a heads up it and it came up as a negative.

Yeah I’m disappointed. Feeling crap and full of hormones for the last two weeks hasn’t exactly been a joy but I’m over the disappointment now and ready to tackle IUI #2 with everything I’ve got. Luckily I have quite short cycles so we should be ready to have another go in about two weeks. Until then! x