Eggsellent (sorry.)

So IUI number 2 has been scheduled in for tomorrow at midday. I’ve just injected myself with the trigger and eaten half a big bar of chocolate in nervous anticipation.

It looks like the injections have been doing their thing as my left ovary has grown some lovely big follicles – I’m not sure of the exact number but I know I have 2 at around 21mm which is at the top end of what the doctors are looking for. Considering I had one at 16mm last month with no medication it sounds like I have a better chance this time…. although I know a lot of it is sadly down to luck so I’m just praying my body takes to the sperm tomorrow and does it’s work to make an embryo.

Last month I basically did nothing a week before the IUI apart from relaxing, gentle exercise and eating well. This month I’ve been all over the shop – working long hours, no exercise and not exactly eating brilliantly. Hope it doesn’t have any effect on the baby making.

In other news 7 years ago today I had my kidney transplant – donated from a very close friend. It seems like yesterday…and a life time ago that the operation happened. Crazy!

Wish me luck for tomorrow, folks x

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