IUI #2

Our second IUI treatment went nice and smoothly with everything being over very quickly. It’s uncomfortable and not that nice but bearable. As it happened on a Sunday we were able to go home and relax for the rest of the day and not worry about telling anyone our whereabouts (we’ve kept our fertility treatment a secret to pretty much everyone.)

Since then I have felt bloated and a bit sore, but this is nothing out of the ordinary and doesn’t mean anything.

We saw our consultant this morning and he made me feel a bit better by saying due to my age (I’m 30), health, levels of fertility etc I should have more like an 80% chance of getting pregnant each time. And there I was thinking it was about 15%! He told me off (in a nice way) for always thinking about the next treatment and not just focusing on the one I’m currently undergoing. I’m a planner by nature and I think I’m trying to protect myself from the disappointment and upset of a BFN so I try and get excited and pumped for what we’ll try next. Anyway, he told me to focus on this IUI – eat plenty of diary (he actually prescribed ice cream!) and RELAX! So that is what I’ll do!

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