2ww #3 (stormy seas)

It’s day 10 post IUI and I’m driving myself crazy with wondering whether I am pregnant or not. I totally promised myself I wouldn’t do this and have been pretty good about it generally. But I’ve had lots of cramps (bit like period pain) this time around which was painful and odd so I rang the nurse at my clinic who said this could be a really great sign that I’m pregnant. Cue me getting really excited and then cursing myself for having the classic ol’ visualisation of the two pink lines appearing and me running to tell my wife waving the test excitedly shrieking that we done it, we done it….

Since then I’ve been trying to stop myself from getting my hopes up but it’s SOOO hard. Plus I find the last few days of the 2WW are terrible for hormones.  I cried buckets during the film Steve Jobs earlier today and I’m pretty sure it’s not a sad movie… I’m also tired and grumpy. A real joy to be around for my poor wife!!

Anyway tonight she has gone off to a party which I couldn’t face so I’m going to watch some crap TV and eat pizza…if that doesn’t cheer me up I don’t know what will!

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