Alpha Beta Gaga

Since the BFPs I’ve had two betas to check that the pregnancy was looking good. First one came back at 315 which is great and second one came back at 650 which apparently is perfect! VERY relieved!

I also called my transplant clinic and told them the news and they told me to come in the next day to be referred to the pregnancy doctor and also to have blood tests to check everything was ok.

Next up is our 7 week scan which is two days before my birthday on 16th December. Very exciting times! I just have to hope that everything stays good and the little poppy seed stays nice and cosy in my womb and doesn’t try to escape!

In other news I’ve began to have lots of pregnancy symptoms – nothing too bad but my tummy is often crampy which apparently is my uterus beginning to stretch and I’ve had a few bouts of nausea – especially when I opened the bin this morning, I actually retched! I made K smell it too and she said it was fine so think that was definitely the pregnancy rearing it’s head!

Now to have a chilled weekend resting and putting up the Christmas tree! Our last Christmas before the baby hopefully!



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