18 weeks



How far along? 18.1

Maternity Clothes? Lots! I literally live in my H&M Mama jeans and tops. So comfy!

Weight Gain? Just under 2 kilos.

Workouts? None!

Symptoms? The morning sickness seems to be back this week which is weird as I haven’t had it for about 2 months! I was sick yesterday morning quite badly.

Stretch Marks?  None.

Sleep? Past few nights have been fine. Though I am getting over a horrible cold so had some terrible nights last week.

Movement? I don’t think I have felt anything yet

Genders? We know what we are having but are keeping it secret for now.

What I miss: Well feeling ill has been rubbish but that’s not the baby’s fault! I love being pregnant and feel really lucky.

Food cravings? Appetite is terrible! Have been craving smoothies lately. Poor bub probably wants some veg!

Food aversions? So many things…

Labor signs? No!

Emotions: I‘ve felt down not getting better from my cold.

Belly button in or out? In.

What I am looking forward to this week? 3 of my closest friends are all pregnant too so looking forward to seeing them on Sunday for baby chats!

Milestones? Telling everyone on Social Media. Buying baby clothes and hearing the heart beat on the doppler!

Things I wish people knew: Nothing really, everyone has been great!


*Apologies for not writing in the blog for a long time. I will now attempt to bring you up to speed*

After hearing that Little Twin’s heart beat was there after all we spent the next few days trying to hope and pray that he or she would pull through. We took a trip to Disneyland Paris for New Years Eve (happiest place on Earth, right?) which was super fun and although I couldn’t go on any rides being out in the fresh air was great.

The following week past slowly and by the time we were off to our next scan to check on the twins we’d pretty much come to the conclusion that the little one probably wouldn’t make it. And we were right. There was no heart beat. The words a mother-to-be fears hearing most in the world.

We were totally gutted but at the same time felt incredibly lucky that we still had one baby – who was a great size and had a good heartbeat. So we tried to focus on that and hope that she or he held on and grew in to a healthy baby.