This Mummy Can Survive on Holiday

We’ve been back from our week in Spain for almost a month now and I’ve just about caught up on sleep! Every year Kate’s extended family plus all the kids go to a place called Salou near Barcelona and previous years have seen Kate and I read multiple books, work on our tans, have day trips in to Barca, take leisurely swims and hit the theme park and water park. But this year was a little different…

Firstly we pulled up at the airport and very quickly realised that we had SO much stuff that we couldn’t possibly carry it ourselves.  Kate was in her wheelie, Scout in the buggy and then about a million suitcases. We persuaded some poor lad from a car rental company to help us take us to departures. Now this is a rare moment where being in a wheelchair is amazing as you get to skip all the queues in the airport. That’s right ALL THE QUEUES IN THE AIRPORT. It’s totally worth the dirty looks as Kate wheels to the front of the security check-in with me and Scout following behind. I’ve gotta say though, that’s about the only good thing as getting on the plane is a total palava with so many different airport workers asking me (the one NOT in a wheelchair) whether Kate can walk up stairs, what kind of battery her wheelchair needs and how much it weighs. It’s infuriating that people do this – like Kate isn’t capable of responding herself.


Anyway after a full on flight with Scout turning into Monster-Child, kicking the poor girl’s chair in front so much that we offered to buy her a sorry-my-baby-kicked-you-for-two-hours-drink, trying to pull the hair of the people in front of us, shouting, screaming and most

IMG_2861definitely not sleeping at all as we had hoped, we arrived at our hotel.We had a lovely week spending time with family and watching Scout in the sea was literally the best thing ever. But it wasn’t the relaxing snoozefest I’d hoped it would be (I use snoozefest in the most literal term there.) However, it was brilliant having Scout’s Grandparents there – they took Scout for a walk most days allowing us to chill out which was amazing. I can’t imagine going on holiday without some sort of grandparental tagging along ever again now!


Next year though I definitely would do a few things differently – here’s my list of how to survive a holiday with a baby.

  • Get a villa or Airbnb if you can so you don’t have to share the same sleeping space with your baby. We had no evenings as Scout is such a routine baby and after taking her out for ice cream one eve where she spectacularly lost her shit we decided that it was evenings in for us. Bedtime at 7pm!
  • Cook your own food. We brought quite a few snacks for Scout but she ended up eating with us every night in the hotel and the food was packed full of salt. Would definitely try and get some sort of kitchen facilities if we can.
  • Fly with family! We struggled alone and will try and tag along to Scout’s grandparents flights next year. (If they’ll let us!)
  • Make an activity bag for the plane. A friend recommended bringing a few new bits that she wouldn’t have seen before and so I thought I could get away with bringing a couple of toys she hasn’t seen in a while. You know, the ones that are at the bottom of the toy box? Well, turns out they haven’t been played with in a while for a reason. She was less than impressed.
  • DSCN1767.JPGMore beach, less pool! Scout was happiest on the beach and it was definitely a much safer place to play than by the pool which was a bit of a concrete jungle. We wanted to spend time with other family members who adore the pool but it just wasn’t best for Scout.


  • Invest in one of those little tools that digs a hole for your umbrella or parasol. Lots of the beach side shops were selling them for about a euro and they were a godsend!
  • Make friends on the beach! These lovely Irish ladies were so taken by Scout that they’d spent ages waving at each other keeping Scout entertained!



Fish all-in-one swimmers are from Mini Boden and spotty hat from Jojo Maman Bebe 

White and blue dress is from Marks and Spencer 







One thought on “This Mummy Can Survive on Holiday

  1. Oh gahd. Long gone are the blissful pool days, devouring books and Fanta lemon. Plane journeys with child make me soooo nervous. Love your tips. Also love the Irish ladies who helped you out with Scout.


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