This Mummy Can get out to baby classes!

In the very early days when we brought home a tiny bundle of Scout we were determined to try and get out every day. Mainly because this would give us a purpose each day (apart from keeping said baby alive) so living in Stoke Newington in Hackney we found ourselves surrounded by so many activities and classes that it was pretty easy to be busy.

Kate went back to work after around 6 weeks (I know, I was incredibly lucky to have her around for so long) so in order to keep myself from going mad at home I organised a back to back timetable of activities…which seems pretty insane looking back but I had no idea what to do with a very small baby and desperate to meet other mums this seemed like the best thing to do.

Here’s a few of the things that have kept me sane over the past 9 months:

  • Frog Prince – an hour long class of all the classic nursery rhymes with the occasional Beatles or Disney hit thrown in. The class has a really chilled out vibe with a help-yourself tea caddy on the side and lots of instruments scattered around the place for the babies to play with. £5 – locations vary depending on day, but I hear the Wednesday session at Hackney City Farm is not to be missed in the summer as it’s outside.
  • Sensory – I realised today as Scout towered above the other babies and made more noises and mess than any of them put together that at nearly 10 months old she is getting a bit old for sensory. Noooo!! Rose from the Hackney branch is lovely and the classes are always different meaning Scout (and more importantly, me!) never get bored. It’s also the most friendly baby class – it’s a great way to get to know new Mums. I *think* it’s around £7 a session but best to book a block as it’s cheaper. Think bubbles, lights, maraccas, parachutes…that kind of thing.
  • Gymboree – Scout is obsessed with Gymbo the clown to an unhealthy level. She will often sit in her buggy cackling away at how hilarious her gymbo doll is must to the amusement of strangers. She spends the whole class jumping up and down and giggling in pure excitement and joy. I’m not going to lie – I find the classes a bit tedious and repetitive but the kids absolutely love them and it’s often where I see Scout improve her crawling/cruising etc most of all as the soft mats everywhere means she takes more risks so we’ll be Gymbo fans for at least a few months longer. (Prices depend on the bundle that you choose but if you are an NCT member there is a hefty discount)


  • Baby Massage – we were fortunate that we were offered this class free by our health visitor due to have a ‘traumatic birth.’ The birth was actually fairly untraumatic – it was the aftercare that was awful, but more on that another time! Anyway, Kate took Scout along to this one alone (nice bit of bonding time) and she really enjoyed it. I don’t think we’ve actually ever done any baby massage since mind, but it was still a  lovely and calm class and do ask your health visitor for a free referral as that’s definitely worth doing.
  • Morris Minors – this was one of the first classes we took Scout to as it is run by our lovely and talented friend Michelle. Expect a variety of the lesser known nursery rhymes which are incredibly easy to pick up (Michelle will teach you!) lots of actions, playing with instruments and a bit of movement too. In the warmer months it’s in the pub garden under a covered area which was just gorgeous. Thursdays at 11am and at a bargainous price of £3 – plus the pub does good pizza – what more can you want?!
  • Water Babies – Kate and I had made a pact pre-baby that we’d take our future child to regular swimming lessons from an early age. Mainly because we’d seen a friend’s 2 year old being able to get himself safely to the side of the pool if he ever fell in and got in to trouble. Plus even from inside the womb Scout was a water baby so we knew she’d love it. The only trouble is it’s bloody expensive so we ended up asking for a bunch of lessons as a Christmas present from one set of her Grandparents which worked brilliantly.

Would love to know what you found an essential part of your baby’s life in the early days, let me know!

This Mummy Will Sleep!

Scout has always been a pretty good sleeper. We were the envy of our NCT friends as they did yet another lap of Clissold Park to try and get their newborn to sleep whilst Scout would quite happily go down in her Moses basket.

Due to Kate’s painful joints we had a pact that we wouldn’t ever get in to the habit of rocking her to sleep. We never did and this (up until recently) had proved to work a treat. She never expected any sort of sleep aid and we were quietly smug.

Fast forward to a few months later, 9 to be exact, and Kate and I are zombies. Sleepless zombies. As soon as my eyes open in the morning I pep talk myself to get up with promises of an early night and day dream constantly about my soft pillow and cosy duvet. Scout has decided she doesn’t like sleeping and would rather cry like it’s the end of the world unless one of it is sitting next to her cot at every waking second. As I type Kate is spending yet another evening in Scout’s room hushing her.

We tried ‘crying it out’ and with the help of a friend coaching us through it by text and it was pretty successful and I spent a total of 3 weeks feeling smug that my baby was sleeping through from 7pm – 7am. Not to mention feeling like a brand new person with all that glorious sleep. But Scout seems to have forgotten all about that and instead wants to be up with the grown ups who are trying desperately to catch up with Grey’s Anatomy and eat chocolate.

Tonight we are going to be tough and try more sleep training. I just don’t think I can put up with much more wailing. It’s horrendous. Wish us luck!