This Mummy Can: Move to Yorkshire

Firstly don’t ever agree to have your wisdom teeth out exactly a week before you move. I imagined I would be healed a few days after the operation but it turns out they had to remove my teeth from under the gum so I was sporting a complete hamster face for a good ten days and surviving on milkshakes and soup… not the best state to be moving across the country in.

Moving day was planned to a tee by Kate – we even had a call sheet with all the important details on. We thought it would be breezy – I mean we’ve organised huge TV shoots before so surely a move can’t be that bad can it? WRONG! Throw in a very poorly baby, a missing cat, rude movers who kept trying to add in costs, a van that was too small and did I mention my wisdom teeth?! We ended up leaving the house 6 hours after we meant to – without said cat. (Don’t worry though, he was retrieved and my brother went down to fetch him the next day.)

We arrived in the evening to find my in-laws managing the movers who were now demanding even more money and with a toddler who was spiking a horrible fever. Luckily our beds were all made up and there were pizzas in the oven so with full tummies we headed to bed.



Fast forward a week and we are pretty settled in our house… it’s still a HUGE novelty to have stairs (Scout spends most of her time going up and down in pure amazement) and SPACE! We’ve already had four guests stay over which is amazing as we’ve never been able to do this and we have a space for our car! I don’t have to park it miles away and constantly worry that it’s going to get broken in to.


However I miss my friends terribly, especially my Mama crew who I used to see most days. We are lucky to have a few friends up here but it’s going to be a long time before I meet a group of Mums who I can feel totally myself with. I also miss Stokey and church street coffee and living below my Mum who I could see in an instant and hand over a crying Scout to or double team an explosive nappy. I miss Clissold Park – I don’t think I appreciated how amazing that park actually is.


But then I look at the bigger picture and realise that Sheffield is where we we are supposed to be – it feels right and I feel so lucky to be able to call this incredible house ours. There’s so much to do here and already I feel less stressed and am benefitting from being away from London. I can see us growing our family here and having so many adventures in this city! 

This Mummy Can Move…?

I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago about how being on holiday had made me realise how much our life was enhanced by some fresh air, space (inside or out) and sunshine and how it made been making me question whether we should stay in our tiny 2 bed flat in Stoke Newington, Hackney… I received lots of lovely replies – some telling me that they were thinking the exact same thing and others reassuring me that these are normal thoughts to have on holiday and I’ll go back home and realise how much I love our tiny flat and forget all thoughts on moving. Expect we didn’t… 

And here we are a couple of weeks later putting our much loved flat on the market and are currently in search of new pastures… we don’t even know exactly where we’ll move yet let alone the exact property. It all feels a bit mad to be honest but we know with our ever expanding family (more cats anyone?) that we need more space and we need it now. I’m also desperate to live in a cleaner area, with better air and better schools – all things that I hadn’t really thought about pre-baby but when I wipe scout’s nose and her snot is black I wonder what the hell I’m doing bringing her up in such a built up polluted area. 

We’ve made a wish list of all the things we want in a new property and some of them are fairly ridiculous (ie. Kate’s wish for a swimming pool, dream on babes) but others are more sensible such as bi-folding doors, a kitchen island, a nice garden, quiet street and within walking distance of shops and park. Surely we can find somewhere right? Add in the fact that Kate is keen to move up north to be near family and I want to move down south to be by the sea and we’ve got ourselves a fairly interesting conundrum. Watch this space!