This Mummy Can… Work

Before Scout was born, Holly and I had an idea that we’d be able to share childcare and work between us. We thought we’d both be keen to get back to work and how life was before Scout came along. We also (naively!) thought that we’d be able to take Scout along to meetings and things, cos she’d just sleep quietly in her buggy right? Ha, how wrong we were!

So what are we going to do about work?! We both want to be proper mums, we both want time to hang out with Scout, but money doesn’t grow on trees… sadly.

Introducing…This Mummy Can

Scout is now 24 weeks old and we are (sort of) finding our feet with this whole parenting malarky.

During our conceiving and pregnancy journey I used this blog as a private space for me to offload to. I never gave any family or friends the link and never shared it. It was just my little space to record what I was going through.

I think now is the time to share it – for any families that are in the same position as we are. Kate and I focused so much on having a healthy baby that we conveniently forgot about how we’d manage as Mums. Turns out Kate’s disability and my illness have both come with big barriers that we’ve had to (and still are) adjust to.

We’ve made a series of vlogs recording these moments and as new issues arise we’ll continue to blog/photograph/film. If no one reads or watches them at least we will have a place for Scout to look back on when she is older and see how special she is and how she has lit up our lives in so many wonderful ways.