This Mummy Can: Talks Shorts for Girls

As soon as we were gifted that glimpse of sunshine the other week I rushed upstairs and dug out Scout’s summer stash of clothes. She spent the rest of the day in little shortie dungarees from Kite which were adorable but when it came to dressing her for nursery the next day I was caught short. Literally. Scout regularly goes through 4 outfits a day at nursery and comes home covered in paint, mud, grass, pasta sauce….you name it! So she needs shorts that will be able to withstand her rough and ready nursery. 

I dashed to the city centre to pick some up. We usually leave a bag of outfits at nursery as well as packing some spare bits and pieces in her bag so I wanted to grab a few pairs under a tenner to last the season. 

First stop Primark…I headed for the girls section only to be faced with suer-short tiny frilly shorts made out of the thinnest cotton. Totally wrong for wear and tear. If it wasn’t for her nappy she’d have a permanent wedgie.  So I headed to the boys section. We often shop in the boys section of high street shops but all I found in Primark was cameo style shorts or very boyish tracksuit ones. Again not really suitable for what I was looking for. I generally don’t shop in Primark because of their ethical policies and this was the final nail in the coffin.

H&M wasn’t much better. The girls shorts were too high on the leg and flimsy (although some cute patterns) and the boys were too dark, dull and wide. We did find a stripy cotton pair in the baby girls H&M Conscious range which we nabbed and a pair of light blue ones in the baby boy section. Sadly the blue ones were too wide for my skinny girl but the stripy ones were great. But why were so many of the older (18 months plus) girls shorts so sexualised? More like hot pants than shorts… how is this ok? 

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.05.02.png
H&M baby boy’s shorts 

Next stop was M&S. Trusty M&S. Their new summer kids collection is bright, colourful and soft. I loved so much of it. If Scout didn’t have so many amazing summer pieces already I could have totally gone a bit nuts. Anyway, back to the reason why I was there…shorts wise we found a lovely navy pair with a fish pattern on which Scout instantly loved which was teamed with a hot pink version. Two pairs for £10. Good value for money and lovely soft material. Would rather the second pair weren’t hot pink but as this is for nursery I thought I’d let it go! Sadly the 18-24 month pair which we bought fell straight down on Scout but I may keep them for later on in the summer when maybe she’ll fill out a bit! 


Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.01.25.png
Marks and Spencer’s girl’s shorts £10 for two pairs 


Last but not least we hit Zara. I bloody love Zara kids. I can just about squeeze myself into the kids sweatshirts (did anyone see the awesome Lisa Simpson one they did recently? Love at first sight) but my wife, Kate, can fit into any of it and has some gorgeous pieces from the kids section such as playsuits, cardigans and skirts. She’s 5’1 and a size 10 in case you’re wondering. Anyway, I always want to spend a fortune in Zara… the clothes also seem to suit Scout’s skinny but long-legged frame. 

After avoiding the denim high legged shorts we found what we had been looking for – trendy, unisex, soft, practical shorts with a draw string. We picked out a couple of pairs that really suit Scout. Sadly I couldn’t find them in her size but I’ll order online or head back in a few days to hunt them down. 

It seems crazy that it’s so hard to find practical shorts for girls. Obviously I only saw a selection of each of the shop’s collections so perhaps I missed some, but it still feels as though there’s a lot of ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys going’ on not to mention this whole trend of little girls dressing like pop stars. Obviously this isn’t the case for every shop but I would like to see more girl focused practical shorts for sale. 

We did find some perfect shorts not on the high street for Scout from Little Loves Cornwall which were a higher price than I’d choose to pay but they’re perfect, ticking all the boxes of not too girly, practical, trendy and soft. Would love to hear any recommendations that you may have!